Diabetes-The HyGly Study at Washington University

Funding: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Program Project: #NS080675
“Brain Metabolism in the Default Mode Network in Health and Disease (HyGly)”
Clinical Trials # (https://clinicaltrials.gov/)
Principal Investigator: Marc Raichle, MD

This work in the field of diabetes research has led to questions about potential mechanisms underlying the regional vulnerability to hyperglycemia. Through an interdisciplinary program project funded by NIH, we are exploring how hyperglycemia alters the metabolism and functional connectivity of the brain. Investigators on this complex study are: Marc Raichle (PI), Tamara Hershey, Ana Maria Arbelaez, David Holtzman, Shannon Macauley-Rambach, Avi Snyder, Joe Culver, Ben Shannon and Yi Su.

How to Get Involved
During the 3 outpatient research visits at WU, study participants will undergo an MRI, PET scan, lumbar puncture and lab work. Data collected during this study are critical in understanding the neurological issues associated with Type 2 Diabetes and the brain. Individuals with and without Type 2 Diabetes between the ages of 18-50 years are invited to participate. Participants must also be right handed, not smoke and not have cardiovascular or sleep disorder. For more information or if you are interested in participating in the HyGly Study please contact Angie Shackleford at (314)-747-4659 or Shackleford_a@kids.wustl.edu. You will be asked to complete a phone screen to determine your eligibility.

Third Slide

Program Project Schema. The three projects share manipulations (hyperglycemia & hyperinsulinemia) and populations of interest (young & old controls; diabetes), but differ in their methods (PET, fMRI, Optical Imaging, microdialysis), species (humans & mice) and biological measurements (glycolysis, functional connectivity, BOLD response, Aβ release). Their work is supported by an Administrative Core (A) and an Imaging Core (B) that also proposes new methods development.